Global News / Bitcoin - 9 hours ago

Markets Update: Bullish Sentiment Returns to Crypto Markets

Cryptocurrency markets have been accumulating gains again after the significant dips in value during the first two months of 2018. BTC/USD prices are holding steady above the $11,450 price range after bouncing off the $5,900 bottom not too long ago. Digital asset enthusiasts speculate the market is...

Global News / Bitcoin - 10 hours ago

”Zen Master” Steven Seagal Eyes Up a Replacement for Bitcoin

Steven Seagal is eyeing up a cryptocurrency to replace bitcoin. Bitcoiin – count those I’s – may look and sound similar to bitcoin, but it is very different. It runs on the Ethereum network, confusingly, and boasts “zen master” Steven Seagal as its brand ambassador. To add to the confusion, Bitcoiin...

Global News / Crypto News - 11 hours ago

Litecoin Price Locks on to the $250 Target

Litecoin Price Locks on to the $250 Target It seems all cryptocurrency markets may effectively see another small uptrend in the future. While the Bitcoin price is moving up once again, some other altcoins have taken a slightly it in value, for some reason. The Litecoin price is a bit different in th...