Global News / Bitcoin - 6 months ago

Korean Lawyers Take Government to Court over Crypto Regulation

A law firm from Seoul has decided to address arbitrary measures taken by authorities to regulate cryptocurrency trade. Korean lawyers have filed an appeal accusing their government of “unconstitutional” infringement on property rights. Newly imposed rules are devaluing virtual currencies, they say....

Global News / Bitcoin - 6 months ago

”Facebook of China” Renren to Stage ICO

Renren, the first generation of Chinese social media, has announced its plan to start an ICO project called RR Coin. In reaction to the news, its shares spiked 13.57%. Also Read: From Mansions to Prisons: Bitcoin and Real-Estate Doesn’t Mix So Well From Renren to RR Coin Launched in December 2005,...

Global News / Crypto News - 6 months ago

BitOasis Will List XRP in the Near Future

Cryptocurrency adoption is slowly rising everywhere in the world. Extra particularly, numerous nations are regulating Bitcoin or getting ready to take action. Within the UAE area, it appears there's a real curiosity in numerous cryptocurrencies as nicely. BitOasis, one of many largest native exchang...