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by KDW - 3 months ago

Electroneum: The Defense?

Well, the title of our article suggests the defense, in that we mean that Electroneum have announced their tie up with San Francisco industry leader Responsible for the security of some of the major players such as Uber, Spotify and pe...

by KDW - 3 months ago

Electroneum: Where next?

It's been almost a full week since we were all sat our device screens waiting for the launch of ETN, with the thought of trading on exchanges soon after, some buyers were looking for a quick fix and others looking to start their daily monitoring of p...

by KDW - 3 months ago

Electroneum: Richard Ells Live with Afzal Ahmed

This is a fantastic video by Afzal Ahmed on Facebook, make of it what you will but an exclusive look at the Mobile Miner and confirmation as to how you will actually earn coin.We'll run through the video later on, more to follow!

by KDW - 3 months ago

Electroneum: The Jurys Out!

The excitement of Electroneum quickly descended into panic on Thursday with the lack of online wallets, no mobile miner, security issues and although owners of ETN received plenty of updates, nothing really made a dent in the anger and panic that was...

by KDW - 3 months ago

Electroneum: Day One Results

In some investors eyes, the lack of Mobile Miner at launch was a bi t of a let down, but, to long term, experiences coin traders and investors, the launch of Electroneum was pretty damn good in comparison to some previous ICO'sWe told you yesterday t...

by KDW - 3 months ago

Electroneum Launch: The Story So Far

Midnight GMT 1st November saw the successful launch of Electroneum Coin (ETN) That's not to say there wasn't a couple of hiccups, site error messages (put that down to demand) and also the delay of the much anticipated mobile miner.So, lets sum...

by KDW - 3 months ago

Electroneum: Paper Wallet Download is Live

With only 16 hours or so left to launch, Electroneum have released the ability to download your Paper Wallet.We recommend you do this as soon as you can so that their site traffic is a little bit less crazy than it inevitably will be at launch.How do...

by KDW - 3 months ago

The Electroneum Game Nears Completion

As the Electroneum launch nears, we take a look at the demo game...a simple principle linked to mining but now you can be awarded ETN just for having a bit of fun, of course as with all apps, we expect in game upgrades that we are sure will use your...

by KDW - 3 months ago

Electroneum: Remember, Remember the 1st November!

We are getting closer to the Electroneum Blockchain launch and ultimately to buy and sell ETN on exchanges (Although which exchange we can use are yet to be confirmed)Given the mass hysteria we expect will arrive this Wednesday at launch, we should r...

by KDW - 3 months ago

How to Mine Electroneum

One of the main attractions for us is that Electroneum (ETN) can be mined on your phone. That in itself is a buzz to the thousands of coin and currency owners who have heard about mining but have no idea how to actually get started, a quick Google wi...

by KDW - 3 months ago

Electroneum: Manic Miners?

THE DUST HAS FINALLY SETTLED after the loopy token sale, now we begin trying to the subsequent step of coin launch dates and finally mining.The Telegram group always has the query of worth? What is going to 1 ETN be value, how a lot can I promote for...

by KDW - 3 months ago

Electroneum: Scam Alert

Just a quick reminder, the Electroneum sale has finished, you CAN NOT buy Electroneum anywhere right now.Be vigilant and avoid scams on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media sites.We can't wait for November but as with a lot of things, the scam...

by KDW - 4 months ago

Electroneum: The Final Countdown

What a week it has been in the world of Crypto, we've see popular currencies move dramatically up then down, then up again and all the while, Electroneum has been quietly (if quiet is shouting from the top of a tower, using a sound system designed to...