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by KDW - 2018 years ago

Transferring Lightning node to different computer

Hello, I have been running a lightning node on mainnet for a couple weeks now. I am connected to many different nodes and have many different channels open. However, I would like to migrate my node to a different computer in a different location. The...

by KDW - 2018 years ago

Bitcoin is my new saving account

I know that some of you will say it's crazy, but I took 50% from my savings in to Bitcoin, 3 years from now we will see if I did good move Join the parliament on Telegram @CoinParliament submitted by /u/Emanuelsil [link] [...

by KDW - 2018 years ago

Bitcoin: The gift that won't stop giving?

Bitcoin keeps providing a way in for new investors. The current pullback to a new 35-day low is a good example but I just have a feeling that soon it will rally and pull away out of reach for those looking to make their first investment. submi...