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by KDW - 2018 years ago

If a country bans bitcoin, investors will move away

In Puerto Rico, there is no tax on crypto. You can hodl and then once you are a multimillionaire you can just go to puerto Rico and retire. If a country bans crypto or excessively taxes it, bitcoin holders can just move, depriving the country of tax...

by KDW - 2018 years ago

Bisq DEX - let's use it a little even if not for big amounts.

It looks pretty powerful I will be using it next week.. IF we had tons of people in there it would help the overall ecosystem and keep the centralized exchanges in line. I'm going to try some small transactions next week just to really give it an...

by KDW - 2018 years ago

Just how probable is this new ETF approval?

Is there anyone here with knowledge of how CBOE , SEC etc actually work on the inside and if this time is different because the players are more into the game? Speaking out of my ass I expect Van Eck with CBOE to be a much more serious application t...