Coin Club Updates 19th February 2018

Coin Club Updates

by KDW 182 Views comments

DECEMBER 2017: Ripple (XRP) / Volume 92ea.

December's results were good with Ripple, but because the Coin Club was new we had various entry prices and rubbish fees, I think absorbed most of them at the time but obviously those who entered later in the month had to pay more due to the rapid rise in price in XRP - that was worse for the likes of Morph (Steven) and Glyn who both came in over double our price.

JANUARY 2018: Cardano (ADA) Volume / 72.9ea.

Most of us went into January with a good profit from XRP, all bought in at the same price which is good but stung a bit for transfer fees and some BTC Loss.

Then the slump in BTC happened and most markets followed so we sit today (19th February) way out of pocket with a loss of approx £30 each, still feel ADA is undervalued and we'll hope to see this turnaround.

FEBRUARY 2018: Electroneum (ETN) Volume / 895.91ea.

A coin I've followed since October 2017 and bought in at the ICO was purchased, my view is that more exchanges will take ETN on board and we will see the value rise, we already saw a price of £0.16 back in January and I still think we can see £0.25 by end of March, they have a lot of up and coming releases such as exchanges, mobile mining and more to come.

With all three coins we should consider holding, with ADA it will likely take time to regain our initial investment, as it is today, BTC has seen a steady increase back to the £7,700 region and a lot of Altcoins have followed.