Electroneum: 24 Hours Mining with Electroneum.VIP Pool


by KDW 2437 Views comments

Electroneum: 24 Hours Mining with Electroneum.VIP Pool


by KDW 2437 Views comments


As someone who just recently started mining, and very recently built my own rig, I have been looking for various places to mine my coin of choice. Electroneum.vip is looking very good for my mining destination right now.

Electroneum to me, has massive potential so I want to increase volume in the early days to benefit on what I hope will be a systematic rise in price.

My rig, consisting of 2 x RX570 8gb Nitro+ and 1 x RX580 5gb Nitro+ is in its infancy, I have capacity for nine cards but am sitting on the three whilst I get started, you can use the hashrate I'm receiving as basic, I'm yet to overclock any settings, I just wanted out of the box bench marking.

The 2 x 570 are hitting 680Hs and the 580 approx 630Hs - I'll look at this in detail in the coming weeks, bit I'm happy "out of the box"

On to electroneum.vip

The pool currently has approximately 300 active miners, a good number for payouts and a decent hash rate as I type of between 5 and 6Mh/s - take a look at the stats as off today 12th January 2018.

The Hash Rate shown is enhanced as miners from the pool pump some rented hashing power now and then to speed up finding blocks.

So, using claymore, I jumped into the pool on Thursday 11th January, as I type its 17 hours in and with my hashrate a steady 1.8 - 2Kh/s Ive currently landed 39 ETN.

Now for me, thats a great start, I don't have anywhere to compare with electroneum.vip and for the time being, I think this will be the place to be.

Anyone looking to get into mining, you can visit electroneum.vip by clicking any of our site links, the discord chat group is really good and they have Facebook and Twitter pages too, linked below. Support seems to be very accurate and polite too, which is always useful in this game.

Take some time to pop into any one of the social channels and you'll see active Admin/Devs and the fact that theyre hosting on the AWS platform is also a source of security for all, with low fees (regressive) I would happily recommend electroneum.vip as a place to start, and maybe, stay for the long haul!!!

Enjoy your weekend folks and lets see what Electroneum does next!