Electroneum: A Bumpy Relaunch


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Electroneum: A Bumpy Relaunch

FINALLY WE GET TO SEE OUR ELECTRONEUM!!! Well, most of us do anyway!

Wednesday 13th December 12:00PM GMT saw the re-launch of Electroneum, with the promise of access to the Android app and the Web based "Wallet Manager" being music to most original ICO buyers ears, not to mention the miners who were in early and investors on Cryptopia.

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But, as we are tending to see with Electroneum, it was a less than smooth re-launch with many users landing at Gateway errors, time outs and various issues with the password reset process, including failed pin settings, lack of verification texts etc etc - I have to say, I experienced all of those issues but after approx 20 minutes of frantic key bashing, F5 being my chosen weapon, I gained access. Upon gaining access, my thoughts turned to what next, I am a firm believer of holding ETN for the future, and as expected as many ICO investors started to gain access, the selling began which as predicted saw the value of ETN freefall to 0.00000300 from 0.00000650BTC. This isn't anywhere near as low as I expected and I still expect to see a fall as more investors gain access and dump their ICO's - then the fun starts, hold on to your ETN folks!!!

At this point, I had no intention of transferring to Cryptopia, message boards were full of angry investors waiting to gain access to their Electroneum, transfers for those with access were slow for some, quick for others, he UK working day was complete and I knew by now that others would be leaving work and logging on to try gain wallet access.

The site is still now playing slow ball, remember when Call of Duty came out an their servers went belly up, well, I guess we should give some credit to Electroneum here, the demand for access was immense, we can only say that they prepared well enough that we could "eventually" get in.

So what next, if you take a look at Cryptopia this morning, Buy orders are still coming in and we have some big money offerings too which leads us to believe that some buyers feel we are hitting the bottom line, myself, I would wait a little longer, there will be more dumping of coin as the Electroneum site becomes more efficient so patience is a virtue on this. If you're in for a quick profit, you know what to do, if, like me you see a possibly great coin here, sit tight, and hold.

The image below shows the last 48 hours of action, please don't be shocked by this drop!!!

To summarise, we are now at a point where we have decisions to make, Electroneum will eventually get their site to full potential and we will see a marketing machine begin, for me its a HODL and possibly even buy more, with Mobile Provider link ups, iOS apps due etc, we are at a point where we can say, this is getting exciting.

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