Electroneum: Did this MOU miss the news? BMEDIA?


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The Electroneum blog and site in general is receiving regular updates, but announcements from the team are usually via an email direct to holders, this one however, seems to have missed the inboxes of many...

An MOU has been signed with BMedia, a Japanese agency who works with big players such as FOX, MTV and Lacoste. They manage eCommerce sites, online communities and Japanese talent.
As of today they have:
– 500k social media followers
– an average reach of 10 million users monthly
– Influencer network of 20 million users we can reach depending on marketing/incentive
– They are starting new projects, contests and joining events by 2018 which can possibly increase these number x5.

They are an experienced international team who will help Electroneum thrive in the Asian and global market. You can find out more about who they are on their website here:


With a helalthy portfolio if "big" names, its great to see that the ELectroneum team mean business with their marketing strategy!