Electroneum: Introducing Bob Walker AKA Miner Bob


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Electroneum: Introducing Bob Walker AKA Miner Bob

So for those of you who have an interest in Electroneum (ETN) and really, you should because the support for ETN is huge and we at coinfeed.co.uk are expecting a huge 2018 for the new kid on the block.

And we aren't the only ones who believe in Electroneum, many groups have been formed across social media, one in particular is ETN Holders on Facebook.

We aren't here today to talk about the group, what we'd like to do today is introduce you to Bob Walker AKA Miner Bob

As a member of the Facebook community, you will often see Bob pop up in a live feed, he talks sense, he talks in basic, easy to understand speak, interacts with the viewers and he is fast becoming a big hit for many noobs and general Crypto fans.

Bob's not all about Facebook live though, he has put together some fantastic, easy to follow tutorials and can be found on YouTube

It's here that we found Bob, we were looking for a simple to use guide to Mining for Free Electroneum, Miner Bob is the man. Having been mining for a while on various formats, a lot of our close friends were looking at Electroneum as an investment, they had heard about mining and wanted in on the action, a close friend said he didn't have a clue? Another said he wouldn't know where to start - step in Miner Bob...

Today we'll feature Miner Bob's video guide on Mining for Electroneum on a MAC OS, that said, the same principle would apply for any Windows PC too, just a slightly different install.

Using the following details, friends of coinfeed were online and mining into their wallets within 5 minutes, you can't really argue that Miner Bob's guide is the reason.


pool urls:




stratum+tcp://etn.ucrypto.com:8888(nicehash only)

So what are you waiting for, pop over and say hello to Bob, he's a genuine guy, replies to you and when you ask the stupid questions that most new Crypto kids do, he answers respectfully, and not with a snigger.

Join Bob on Facebook

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