Electroneum: KuCoin Exchange Confirmed


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Electroneum: KuCoin Exchange Confirmed

One of the news announcements we've been waiting for has finally landed, Electroneum today announced the confirmed listing to KuCoin Exchange

As you may have noticed there's been an amazing hype and buzz aroundthe possible release of ETN on Ku coin exchange- we can now officially confirm that ETN IS set to be listed!

We've delayed the official launch until after the Chinese New Year, but we should be set to go live next week and will update you all accordingly (let's see what the year of the dog brings!)

We hope this presents itself as an exciting development, as you all know; this comes just after we've recently announced our partnership with Quoine, showing the team is taking expansion in to global markets very seriously.

KuCoin has a great reputation as a secure and technically proficient exchange and we're confident that this marks yet another strong step forwards for Electroneum; with 2 exchanges announced this week alone we're working to bring you new and exciting updates every week, let's keep the ball rolling and announce ourselves with a bang at mobile world congress!

News of the announcement saw the ETN value rise 5% in the first hour!