Electroneum: KuCoin Not So Sure?


by KDW 496 Views comments

As early adopters of Electroneum (ETN) we obviously have a vested interest in the future and headlines, and since the launch of the ETN miner, we expected to see an increase in value I guess, then we here stories of blocks being stuck, Cryptopia struggling to solve issues all of which are not confirmed, Next.Exchange are promising next week to list ETN but what happened to KuCoin?

KuCoin is possibly one of the most sought after exchanges for ETN holders, their rewards system and platform itself is very good and in honesty, in our honest opinion, KuCoin would be the best place for Electroneum to start to look like a coin that means business! So, we decided to contact KuCoin, the conversation is a little broken in English and took some time to get to the response we were looking for but, maybe this is self explanatory...

Make of this what you will, this is a genuine correspondence from KuCoin, take into your account that the chat operator may or may not know the full situation and come to your own conclusion, I don't like negative news, but we can't always report on the positive - if you want to try and confirm, the email address for KuCoin is available in the chat transcript.