Electroneum: We have lift off


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Electroneum: We have lift off

FINALLY, six weeks later than announced, it looks like we're finally going to see the launch of Electroneum (ETN) - we at Coinfeed are still big advocates of the team behind ETN and we're very much looking forward to see what happens today.

So, for those of you aren't subscribers, lets take a look at the official email received from the team, and ultimately this includes the steps you all need to follow, we will put a step by step guide up shortly, and then we'll probably amend it after 12noon GMT based on previous events (sorry ETN team, but we are a little doubtful that you will be able to handle the traffic, lets wait and see on this.)

We are launching access to the Android app and web based wallet manager tomorrow (Wed 13th) at 12 noon UK time. If you have an Android device you'll need to download the new app from the play store AFTER 12 noon.

Google roll out apps around the world over a few hours, so we can't guarantee you'll have instant access to the new app, but keep trying after 12 noon (UK time). You'll need to remove the old app from your phone, we are starting fresh due to the number of changes, which now includes 18 languages, market data and a viral referral system.

Web based wallets (https://my.electroneum.com) will be live at noon. This can be accessed on any device and allows iOS users access to their wallets.


You WILL need to reset your password from https://my.electroneum.com AFTER 12 noon tomorrow. We are prepared for heavy load - but we are likely to see hundreds of thousands of users visit our website tomorrow afternoon. You will need to confirm your account on your mobile device by SMS message, and set up a new 5 digit PIN numbers.

Partner Update

We have just signed a agreement with an Airtime provider (mobileoperator) with over 5m smartphones in the market and are in the final stages with a number of other operators. We will release full details of each of these deals in conjunction with the providers.

In line with the detailed data requirements of these partnerships we are releasing the mobile miner section of the app in the New Year as we need to ensure we carry out a staged rollout with commercial sized groups of beta testers. We will also have our iOS app into beta test in the New Year. This will not effect the wallet section of the app, which is fully functional.

Have a great day / evening everyone!

Richard Ells

Founder of Electroneum


PS - please don't hit reply to this email - it goes to

"no-reply@electroneum.com" which will never be read. My email address is

above - I get a LOT so I can't guarantee a reply.