Electroneum.VIP Mining Pool Goes Fee Free


by KDW 4508 Views comments

Electroneum.VIP Mining Pool Goes Fee Free


by KDW 4508 Views comments

Earlier this week we introduced Electroneum.VIP as what we saw as a very good mining pool, well that mining pool just got even better with the introduction of "fee FREE" mining for your Electroneum.

We like free, don't you? But, being very intrigued and having always been told, "nothing is free" we thought it better to ask the man behind the pool, sit back and let us introduce you to "Mr" Electroneum.VIP himself, Lucian...

Hi and thanks for taking time out to speak to us today, first of all, other than the man behind Electroneum.VIP, who are you?

I know you as Electroneum.VIP from Discord haha, what do we call you?

You can call me Lucian for now, I'm a very private person

Thanks Lucian, its great to meet you, so lets get started, why did you decide to create a pool?

This whole project started as a simple need when I wanted to mine Electroneum in it's first days and could not find a reliable pool that would not have constant downtime or connection issues. I am very passionate about crypto tech and I believe it's the greatest innovation since agriculture was discovered.

We've been using the pool and noticed its very stable, is this why you chose Amazon Web Services?

I looked at the options, thought about it long term and this was the only way to go. Amazon technology can scale on demand, we are not limited to the max capacity of a dedicated box and we never need to move the pool, moving the pool from a dedicated box to another dedicated box is very bad.

The pool software works with Redis database (RAM database) and there are so many problems when you want to move this type of software and it takes a lot of downtime. Amazon does not have these issues and on top of that, our server is hosted on the backbone of the US internet, in Ohio, USA. Amazon infrastructure is amazing and we have good firewall protection and connection stability. We have probably the highest uptime of any pool.

Since the pool was launched at the beginning of December we only have around 5 hours of downtime total.

It does seem very stable, how many miners do you currently have at the moment and what is your hashrate on average?

We have amount 340-350 miners right now contributing in about 365,000 hashes per second (365KH/s), this will grow soon to almost 1MH.

We may have mentioned, free is great...you recently went fee free on the pool, that's amazing, but why?

Many new miners and also some veteran miners with big farms will appreciate a professional and reliable pool with no fee as early adopters of ETN mining, we want to encourage people to mine with us because we offer a quality service hosted on expensive Amazon servers, this is a VIP project (Very Important Pool) and we do need donations to sustain the project. Anyone can donate to the wallet addresses in the footer of the pool website.

I notice on your discord channel, you have some knowledgeable users and you yourself are really helpful, is this part of your strategy for success?

Yes, it's part of it. It's a very hard task, I have slept very little in the past 2 months since I am working on the project.

2 hours later...

Wake up Lucian...! Lucian? Ah, you're back...So what's next for Electroneum.VIP

Our mission is to build a community of mining experts and crypto experts, we do not help you get started and forget about you, we want to grow like an organism, build a strong network of knowledge workers that will share their knowledge for free. The mining process is very confusing for a lot of people, hard to digest, easy to misunderstand. We have a little surprise as a solution to this problem that I cannot disclose right now, our Discord members may know about.

It all sounds great right now, we spoke about hardware a little on Discord, do you have any intention to start supplying?

Yes we plan on building custom branded rigs, ready to go in small boxes that have a lot of hashing power, we are planning to open a shop on the domain to sell these.

Lucian, thanks very much but I need to get out of here, my rig just told me we'd hit a block so like all miners, I need to go check my returns, keep up the great work and we sincerely hope Electroneum.VIP will be the success you deserve for your efforts, its been a pleasure.

You can find Lucian on the Discord channel as Electroneum.VIP, to do so, follow the on-site link below and you will be able to connect through the Electroneum.VIP site.