Introducing Mining Pools Pools

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Introducing Mining Pools

Coinfeed have been mining for a long time, we try a lot of pools and we generally join the discussion and make our minds up whether we feel the pools are ran by capable people, often we see pools disappear as the owners came across a bug they couldn't fix or simply they got bored... finding was a breath of fresh air.

So who are they, pools are ran by AndreasG, Kosta85 and the rest of ZHash Team, you'll find AndreasG replying to your queries faster than you can type on Discord, the guys can also be found on Slack.

On first arriving at their website you will be met with a big welcome, and lets face it, we all want some love don't we? But that welcome is only the start, their front end is clean, easy to navigate and to the point, statistics on the main page are readily available and the Bitcoin Private pool can be seen growing daily which is a good sign given that's what we're mining at the moment :)

The pool is not just for Bitcoin Private, you can choose to mine Zen, Hush, or Snowgem and it's all really simple to navigate through the dropdown menu, again, we like easy, no time for hunting in this game... use dedicated servers, and they pride themselves on having a passion for crypto mining. If you are looking to mine Equihash algos then we feel this is a fantastic place to start, in fact, don't start, stay a while, the place seems to be getting better daily, they even introduced a new reward system, let us explain, you do want free Bitcoin Private don't you?

That's right, free, we don't say that often and technically whilst not free as you are mining in their pools, it's a giveaway they have no real need to offer, out of 2 BTCP the guys at ZHash will give 0.01 BTCP for 24 hours of mining. The total amount of 2 BTCP will be given away to miners as a big "Thank you!" for mining on - what's not to like here guys?

The fee's are as low as 0.5% and a nice low payout level combined with auto paying PPLNT schemes make the pools a must for miners looking to make Equihash algo profits.

So, if you are looking to switch pools, Coinfeed can recommend these guys as tried and tested, stable and on the rise, at least for BTCP as we say, we are big fans of Bitcoin Private, take a look at the statistics, steadily increasing tells you these guys are reliable!

So let's wrap this up, head over to or visit their Discord or Slack.

Good luck hunting, as we are writing, 3 BTCP blocks are maturing from the last hour or so which again, gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside, spreading the love to the ZHash team!

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