Learning to mine using ZHash.pro Pools

Zhash.pro Pools

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Learning to mine using ZHash.pro Pools

We already introduced you fantastic people to ZHash.pro mining, but, it didn't actually cross our minds that some of you are clueless where to start mining. We admit to the new miner, words such as Claymore, Hash Rate and Blocks seem a little alien, so lets take a quick look at starting to mine.

Before we hit the techy stuff, we think this little video borrowed from YouTube will give you an idea of what the term mining means, please ignore any links in the video, this is basically just a quick "get your head around mining video"

We'll be back with a guide for ZHash.pro mining pools soon.

If you have any questions before you get started, head on over to the ZHash.pro Discord channel and hit us up for advice, we're currently mining Bitcoin Private and would be happy to assist you getting started.