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by KDW - 2 months ago

Electroneum: KuCoin Not So Sure?

As early adopters of Electroneum (ETN) we obviously have a vested interest in the future and headlines, and since the launch of the ETN miner, we expected to see an increase in value I guess, then we here stories of blocks being stuck, Cryptopia stru...

by KDW - 4 months ago

Electroneum: Introducing Bob Walker AKA Miner Bob

So for those of you who have an interest in Electroneum (ETN) and really, you should because the support for ETN is huge and we at coinfeed.co.uk are expecting a huge 2018 for the new kid on the block.And we aren't the only ones who believe in Electr...

by KDW - 5 months ago

Electroneum: Here's what you need to do!

With the Electroneum relaunch imminent, let us take a look at what you need to do to get started, we of course are looking at both ETN holders and new/potential buyers here so please skip the parts that don't concern you, hey, and no berating us for...