ZHash.Pro: Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Mining Update 12/03/2018

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Since our last article on ZHash.pro's mining pool, we have seen a fair bit of news regarding Bitcoin Private, the release of trading on Nanex.co and a subsequent dip from the predicted KuCoin price, set a lot of social media discussions relating to the worth of mining BTCP. For information, at this moment in time, BTCP is trading at approx $72 on Nanex and has seen a steady rise in price in the last 24 hours.

OK, so we know the coin is on a new exchange not that we have used it and the details surrounding Nanex need further research, we may well take a look at that in a later article.

Back to our mining at ZHash.pro and for our basic rig it has sat stable over the weekend at 1.4KSol/s, seeing a share of 33 Blocks found (at time of writing) which we're fairly pleased with at this stage, another week in the pool to see how performance, miner amount and hash power goes will be the telling point.

Anyway, the pool itself has seen a slight downturn in miners, I put this down to a couple of reasons, one being the price release on Nanex, and the other being the fact miners seldom stick around for too long, generally on the look out for better returns, even when at times a move to a new pool doesn't actually work out in their favour, it could also be the weekend clean up and tweak time so let's see how things pick up.

As you can see the pool has had a very slight drop in miners, Friday gone had 92 Miners, 198 Workers and a pool hash rate of 430KSol/s. I'd like to think that will change and increase back up although the change in Hash rate is negligible.

Moving forward, I'd like to see the miners hit the 100 mark and the hasrate top 500KSol/s for a steady period of time, so if you are considering jumping into a BTCP pool, why not give the ZHash.pro pool a shot and stick around for the week, let's see what kind of returns we can get, the pool seems very efficient and there's been no performance issues as far as I can see, it's worth a week of your rig.

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